2022 GT500KR sells at Barrett-Jackson

Whenever a Barrett Jackson auction is occurring, you can expect beautiful cars, car wall memorabilia, neon signs, and a big showing from all of the car manufacturers that are showing their latest cars, giving thrill rides, and displaying modified versions, but one thing that Barrett-Jackson also bring is lots of money being raised for charity. 

Nascar driver Aric Almirola sold his 1965 Shelby 427 cobra at barret-Jackson 2022 Scottsdale with the proceeds going to the mayo clinic.

For Scottsdale 2022, Barrett Jackson sold ten cars for charity—five of which were either Fords or Ford-powered vehicles. Two of those cars were Shelbys: the 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C CSX 6086 and the First Production 2022 Ford Shelby GT500 King of the Road. 

The Shelby Cobra was owned by NASCAR driver Aric Almirola. The continuation cobra is a continuation model that was included in the 6000 series run, it is powered by a 482 cubic inch Ford V8 that was built by Robert Yates Racing Engines. It was auctioned off on Thursday night, with the proceeds going to the Mayo Clinic. 

aric almirola addresses the auction room, introducing the car and opening the bidding.

As the Cobra rolled across the stage, it was driven out by Almirola with Aaron Shelby, Carroll Shelby’s Grandson, in the passenger seat. The car raised $280,000 for the Mayo Clinic.

The main event for Shelby fans was the selling of the Vin. #1 of the 2022 Shelby GT500KR. Having sold the first 2008 GT500KR 14 years earlier, this new KR rolled out in Rapid Red metallic paint. This vehicle was the prototype of the KR fleet and was shown as what the actual KR would resemble, although the hood was still a prototype version that Shelby said would be a little different from the actual car. The winner could choose to have their KR in any color and stripe combination that they wanted. 


As the KR rolled out into the holding pin for special cars and charity vehicles, all of the stars came out. Not only were all of the Shelby executives on hand like President Gary Patterson and Vice President Vince Laviolette, and Ford also sent out some of their best—Jim Owens, Mustang and Shelby Marketing Manager, Ford Motor Company; and Henry Ford III. 

The KR was being auctioned off to benefit both the Shelby Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF). 

Kid’s from JDRF held signs and posed with the car and dignitaries, and Craig Jackson came out to pose for pictures. 

As the car drove out, the whine of its supercharger and the roar of its exhaust filled the stadium. Riding shotgun was Henry III. Following the KR, were the kids from JDRF, Team Shelby members, Ford representatives, and the Carroll Shelby Foundation. 

The car gleamed in the overhead lights on Barrett-Jackson’s stage, the people on stage cheered and the bids came in. When the hammer slammed, ending the auction, the auctioneer yelled out that the KR sold for $700,000.00. 

Both JDRF and the Carroll Shelby Foundation will share in the proceeds. 

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