Motorcycles in the Woods: Finding Inspiration to Race

To spectate a World Championship Trials event, one must put on their hiking boots, grab some water and be prepared to brave the elements for two long days. There are no hospitality suites when you’re watching the top motorcyclists in the world show off their gravity defying talents.

To get to the action we scaled hills, boulders,streams and ravines. Just follow the sound of the two stroke engines or Toni Bou’s Montesa Cota 4RT.    

This weekend belonged to Toni Bou who, on his way to his 9th consecutive world title, celebrated his 75th career win on top of the podium. By the second loop he had pulled clear of the field leaving Raga at 2nd and Jeroni Fajardo in 3rd.

The penultimate round is in Portugal where Bou could clinch the championship before heading into the indoor season.

If you’ve never seen these boys in person I recommend grabbing your hiking boots, some water, maybe a little bug spray and take to the hills to see this spectacle.

As Bruce Brown describes trials riders in his classic On Any Sunday, “Trials riders are the violinists of the motorcycle world. The magicians.” Well worth the trek. 

I had always ridden but I never competed until I went to see the World guys compete in America and thought hey I can do this too. It’s when I wanted to be more than just a spectator—I wanted to start competing.

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