Lunacy: Introducing the Twinnabego

We all have dreams of building a project car. Usually, it is a classic car, or ‘60s era muscle, or a late model domestic—the combinations are endless, but commonly, they are something that is not practical; its a weekend car or a fun cruiser for hot rod events. Dane Thompson, Autologic Magazine’s resident car builder, decided that he would make his project car into something that was fun for the whole family—and their friends—and their extended relatives. He chose to build an RV project car.

Supping up Recreational Vehicles (RV) is nothing new, and the revival of Winnebagos with their iconic styling has become the rage. Even an LS swapped Winnebago has been done before, but none of those previous vehicles were actually built to be used for its intended purpose of being an RV that can go from town to town, state to state, traveling with the comfort of a hotel room. 

Thompson found the 1972 Winnebago Indian Motorhome in the back of someone’s home in the High Desert of California. It hadn’t moved in years and it needed lots of work. Thompson, a trained car builder, knew that he could revive the old car, but he wanted to completely change its personality. Being a fan of the LS swap movement, who love shoving the small compact and affordable GM motor into anything that they can get their hands on—Mazda Miatas, Mazda RX-7s, Porsche 911, and Big Yellow School Buses, he knew what engine he would swap into the old Winnebago. He planned on throwing in a 6.0L LQ4 engine underneath the floorboard, replacing the Dodge 360 engine that powered the motorhome for its entire life. 

Not one to leave things alone, he wouldn’t leave the 6.0L engine to its own breathing devices, he would place it on two respirators—twin forced induction poweradders in the shape of snail shells that are 62mm in diameter. The combination should propell the aging motor home to over 500 rear wheel horsepower.

The truck is still under construction, although the project is moving fast. Thompson wants to debut the motorhome at this year’s LS Fest West and make an appearance at LS Fest East. 

Dane Thompson works underneath the 1972 winnebago that he has dubbed the “twinnebago” in reference two its twin turbocharged powerplant.

Sponsors WARR Performance, DJ Safety, KP Fab and Tune, Camping World, Crower, and a few others are coming on board. There is even talk of some celebrities driving the truck at special events.

This is a fun build that makes everyone who hears it laugh and smile. Follow along as we cover the build and read the full feature when it is completed.

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