Perfect Lap: Ford vs. Ferrari

Disney/Fox celebrated Ford vs. Ferrari at Shelby International in Gardena, CA. This was the release party of the DVD and Blu-ray of Twenty-Century Fox’s box office hit movie about a scruffy Texan and a British ex-Pat who came together to change the world of auto racing, redefining Ford Motor Company as a world championship-winning manufacturer and making automotive legendary cars like the GT40 that are still hailed to this day.

Stunt driver Jeff Bucknam spoke to the crowd about what it was like to drive the movie GT40s and recreate automotive history on the big screen. He emphasized the gravity of driving the movie car that depicted his father’s third-place winning Ford GT MK II. Bucknam is the son of Ronnie Bucknum who placed third in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. He signed autographs and gave speeches alongside Ken Miles’ son, Peter Miles. Peter talked to crowd goers about his father. Ken Miles’ crew chief, Charlie Agapiou, who was portrayed in the movie was also on hand to talk about his time at Shelby American. Other Shelby American greats: Allen Grant, Jim Marietta, Ted Sutton, Jim O’Leary, and David Friedman we’re also in attendance.


People came from far around to celebrate the event. There was a myriad of Ford’s, late model Shelby’s and historic Cobras, Cobra Mustangs, Ford GT40s, and Ford GTs; Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, and even a few BMWs on display. Everyone came out to get signed autographs, a copy of the vinyl LP (record) of the Ford vs. Ferrari soundtrack, as well as hats, and posters.

It was a fun day to celebrate the success of the movie, honor the iconic story of Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, and Shelby American. It also showed that the spirit that was so very well illustrated in the movie of innovating to succeed and breaking barriers is alive and well, and the party has only just begun.

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