Blaney Bronco sells for $650,000 at Barrett-Jackson, 2020

The final chapter of the Blaney Bronco story was written as it crossed the 2020 Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, auction block. With the sound of the gavel and ruckus applause from the crowd, it earned $650,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Ryan Blaney stood outside of the Blaney Bronco before it crossed the auction block, he gave interviews and put the focus on Alzheimer’s awareness.

The morning started with a press event with NASCAR driver and founder of the Blaney Family Foundation, Ryan Blaney, and President of Gateway Bronco, Seth Burgett sitting and explaining the story of the Bronco. They talked about their personal histories with Alzheimer’s—emphasizing why it was important to raise awareness in the form of a charity auction vehicle. They highlighted the details of the truck including little tidbits on why they drew inspiration from Shelby American, Porsche, and Ryan Blaney’s grandfather’s racing legacy.

Ryan drove the Bronco onto the stage. He was followed by members of the Gateway Bronco team as well as members from Eaton, Shelby American, Ford Motor Company, and anyone else who contributed parts or efforts to the project. They also had special guests from the Alzheimer’s Association—keeping the focus on Alzheimer’s—the association’s members along with Ryan wore purple.

Ryan drove the truck onto the auction block with a special guest representing the alzheimer’s association.

As the auction started, the crowd onstage waved and encouraged bidders. The first bid started at $150,000, but it quickly grew—surpassing $450,000. It continued to rise, hitting the $600,000 mark, before ending with the final price of $650,000, which is a Ford Bronco auction record.

After the Bronco was sold, it was taken to the victory lane at Barrett-Jackson where the new Bronco owner, Steve Jones, met Craig Jackson, Barrett-Jackson Auctions owner. Beside them stood Ryan Blaney and Seth Burgett. The group was interviewed by the lovely April Rose.

Wearing purple, the Alzheimer’s Association’s members stood out on stage.

It was an amazing day and the new owner has a phenomenal new ride. With the money raised, this will help to fund research and aid in assisting Alzheimer’s patients. With donations—no matter how big or small—the Alzheimer’s Association can help in finding a cure to this horrible disease. With the publicity of the truck, it may help to put a spotlight on this disease and inspire others to also think about donating.

The happy new owner, Steve Jones, stands beside Craig Jackson, owner of Barrett-Jackson and Ryan Blaney as they talk about the Record Breaking Bronco’s Winning Price and the Alzheimer’s Association.

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