The spirit of Ford vs. Ferrari lives on today.

The movie Ford vs. Ferrari has transcended car culture and crossed over into the mainstream. 

The story of Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, which before the movie’s release, was only known to those in the motorsport and car world, but now their names have reached household status. People who are not car enthusiasts are watching the movie, and they are falling in love with the story about how two men worked together to topple a giant, Ferrari S.p.A. 

Shelby and Miles were two men from humble backgrounds. They developed the Ford GT Mark II into a world-beater and ended up changing motorsports history and in their achievements, they helped make American history with their 1965 FIA world championship and their victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

The story and the lineage of Shelby American did not stop where the movie left off—it still continues today. 

Shelby American Inc., just released a beautiful video ties in their history, the movie, their iconic cars, and shows how that spirit of American ingenuity is still living on today, and how it is forging new paths in the 21stcentury. 


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