How Not To Chevrolet LS Cylinder Head Swap With Used Gaskets and Bolts

In this episode, we swap the Chevrolet 241 casting cylinder heads that are on the car for a Chevrolet 862 casting cylinder heads. From what the internet says its a better head for boost from an automotive standpoint. So I am putting it to the test along with several other upgrades to find out if we can make a little more power for my drag race with the F Bum. I really wanted to do a test without adding the intercooler so I could really compare the two and see if I made gains because I’m a regular car guy and it would be cool info for guys like me, but I’m running out of time to get the car put back together and tested before I try to drive it all the way to Vegas so I can beat on it at LS Fest West 2019. Its also going to save my good working 241 heads in case we have a major problem and something happens to the motor. At least I will have a good set of heads for the next motor and then all I will need is another short block and a cam if things go poorly. I am not a professional engine builder and actually am more interested in what I can get away with when putting one of these motors together, than trying to do everything the “right way”. So keep that in mind when you’re frantically typing to tell me I’m doing it wrong… I already know this but if you feel the need to tell me that’s ok too.

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